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Bathroom exhaust fan... done wrong

The exhaust fans in your bathroom are supposed to draw humid, stale air from the bathrooms and vent them out to atmosphere. Depending on the design of your home, these air ducts can travel through the attic.

In this short clip, we see a few problems. The attic space gets cold during the colder seasons. The fan motor assembly and air ducts need to be fully insulated, to prevent the humid air within from condensing along a cold inner wall of the ducting. The duct must also be fully sealed, and terminate completely outside the building envelope out to atmosphere.

Posted: February 29, 2024

How to tell the age of a roof

There are several ways to determine the age of a roof. One method is to look at the date code on the roof vents. While this is not a perfect method (since roof vents can be changed), it’s one clue to determine when the roof was installed

Posted: February 29, 2024

Crawlspace Inspection

Crawlspace can be unpleasant places to go into. You certainly won’t come down here for fun. But it’s because they’re unpleasant, that most homeowners avoid looking down here for problems. The crawlspace is a fundamental part of a homes foundation, any many of the jokes mechanical systems pass through here, so all the more reason we home inspectors poke around down here. Deterioration of these systems and components due to age, poor or substandard construction, or just improper repairs or modifications, are just some of the issues that needs to be addressed before purchasing a property. A healthy crawlspace is a healthy home!

Posted: February 29, 2024

Problems with Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Everyone loves the smell of fresh cooked food when they come home (well, sometimes…). What you don’t want are for odors, steam, oil vapors, and other organic aerosols lingering in your home and impacting indoor air quality, hence the reason for having a properly installed kitchen exhaust vent. Air ducts need to be completely sealed, ideally with heat resistant tape, to ensure these aerosols do not leak and settle within your home, causing mold and mildew to grow.

Posted: July 5, 2023

New Construction Inspection - Subpar Attic Insulation

We are in the attic again, this time on a brand new build before our client takes delivery of the home. While we see quality builds from developers every day, some are unable to keep tabs on all their subtrades.
Here we see the insulation installer skimp out on the amount of fiberglass batts installed in the attic. On a cold autumn or winter day, the single ply of insulation is simply not enough, and the gaps and spaces between the individual batts makes matters worse. The homeowner will definitely feel this in the energy bill! Here’s an analogy; imagine wearing a thin jacket on a winter’s day… now add some holes in said jacket…

Posted: June 15, 2023

Strata Rooftop Inspection

Building manager let me up onto the rooftop of a condo in sunny Vancouver, BC.

Let’s look at some problems we came across during our inspection.

Posted: December 1, 2022

Intro to Strata Rooftops

Building manager let me up onto the rooftop of a condo in sunny Vancouver, BC. Here’s a quick tour on a few of the parts and pieces that make up the roof.

Posted: December 1, 2022

Crawlspace Inspection

Crawlspaces are not often the most pleasant places to go through, but this one was more welcoming than most. Come check out a few issues we uncovered.

Posted: November 22, 2022

Fire Hazards

A couple of fire safety issues I’ve come across during last week’s inspections. Stay safe folks!

Posted: November 1, 2022

Home Inspections - Details matter!

While looking at big ticket, big picture items are an important part of home inspections, so too are minor details. Often times, small defects in fit and finish can lead to major damages and undue risks down the road. Check out these two examples we have come across this week!


Posted: September 30, 2022

We're On The Roof!

Assessing the roof components is a typical part of our home inspections.
In this example, we see several nails driven through the apron flashing, something we certainly don’t want to see, as any penetration through the flashing, and underlying roof shingles and sheathing, will introduce water into the house via the attic. The mastic spread atop the nail heads, in an attempt to keep the nail penetration waterproof, are also eroding away.
Call us today for your next home inspection!


Posted: July 4, 2022

Electrical Inspections

Electricity powers modern life, so its important a thorough inspection of the electrical system be completed before taking possession of a home. We look at issues inside an electrical panel, and around the house.


Posted: June 27, 2022

Blown-In Attic Insulation

Having adequate amounts of attic insulation is a very cost effective method of improving your homes heating and cooling costs.
In this video, we look at blown-in fiberglass insulation, a loose fill material which helps maintain the heat in the home during the fall and winter, similar to the cotton or down that’s in a winter jacket.
Different types of insulation are assigned an “R-value”, which is a measurement of its efficiency.
Blown in fiberglass insulation has an R-value of approximately 2-3 per inch. Here in the Metro Vancouver area, recommendation for attic insulation is for an R-40, and up to an R-50 or more for the Valley and Interior, so about 1.5 to 2 feet of blown in fiberglass is ideal.


Posted: June 21, 2022

Health Impact of Furnace Filters

If your home is equipped with a forced air heating system, make a point of inspecting and replacing the filter element every season (3-4 times per year).
Poor indoor air quality has a major impact on the health of you and your family, contributing to allergies, respiratory and skin issues, etc. Since air circulates through the heating system several times a day, filters have an important job trapping dust, pollen, soot and other pollutants from the air.
Check your furnace filter today, and head down to your local hardware store for a replacement if it looks like the one in this video!
Keep in mind filters come in different sizes, so check with the furnace manufacturer for the right dimensions first! Like, share and comment. Check out our other videos. Thanks for watching!


Posted: June 18, 2022

Water Damage from Washing Machine Hoses

Check the water connection behind your laundry washing machine!
Almost half of home insurance claims in Canada are due to water damage alone, with repair costs averaging almost $16,000, according to Canadian Underwriter (
Steel-braided washing machine hoses are widely available at most hardware stores, and for a couple bucks, is cheap piece-of-mind when compared to costly flood repairs.

Be sure to check out our other videos, and thanks for watching!


Posted: June 13, 2022

Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heaters, like the one we see here, are a common appliance supplying domestic hot water in a home.
While typically installed by plumbers, we come across the occasional “DIY” job, missing some additional details.

Inspecting the domestic hot water equipment is a standard part of our inspections. Next time you need a home inspected, PM directly or give us a call!
Be sure to check out our other videos, and thanks for watching!

Posted: June 9, 2022

Attic Inspections

Many mechanical components of a home either run through, or are installed, in the attic space.

Unfortunately, this is not the most pleasant area to venture into, so problems often go unnoticed for long periods of time.
We make attic inspections a standard part of our services. Next time you need a home inspected, email directly or give us a call!

Be sure to check out our other videos, and thanks for watching!

Posted: June 6, 2022

Water Damage in Bath & Shower Stalls

Bathtubs and shower stalls get exposed to water on a daily basis, so we often find water entering through damaged grout and caulking, past the tiles, and into the wall assembly and components, during our routine inspection of this area.

Unfortunately, this often goes unnoticed for a long time, and can cause water damage requiring expensive re-tiling.

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Posted: May 27, 2022