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Pre-Purchase, Pre-Listing, Post-Sale & Maintenance Inspections

Buying or Selling your next home?  Moved in but looking for a second opinion?

In a competitive market, a home inspection will offer you important insight into a property’s condition by identifying safety hazards and big ticket repairs with a home’s various systems and components which ultimately impact a property’s value:

  • Electrical
  • Structure
  • Plumbing
  • Heating & A/C
  • Roofing
  • Exterior and Interior
  • Attics, Basements & Crawlspaces.

Inspection Reports delivered same day!

Real estate transactions are high value and time sensitive matters, where a professional report should concise and easy to read. 

Our detailed reports preface high-cost issues with their recommendations upfront, followed by fully photo-documenting various repair and maintenance issues throughout the home that impact the bottom line.

Attention to detail is key, but communicating those details to our clients is equally important. We offer a complimentary in-person walk-though of property post-inspection to present issues uncovered.

Jackson QiuJackson Qiu
05:55 28 Aug 23
Sherman Fung is an exceptional home inspector. His attention to detail, clear explanations, and passion for his work sets him apart. Highly recommend for anyone seeking a top-tier inspection.
Sawreeta ThapaSawreeta Thapa
04:46 20 Aug 23
Andrew PlowrightAndrew Plowright
03:51 26 Jun 23
Super professional. Really knows his stuff. The inspection report he provided us was very useful. Would definitely recommend.
Bhavna SreedharBhavna Sreedhar
03:22 03 Jun 23
Sherman was amazing and very experienced in his work. He explained everything in detail. I highly recommend him for your inspection needs.
Wallace BrownWallace Brown
14:34 31 May 23
I spoke with several different companies to obtain quotes and Spectra Home Inspection had the best rate for the same service. They were quick to respond and accommodate my short window for having a pre-purchase inspection done.Following the inspection, they took time to review the entire inspection and explain each finding helping to set expectations of when certain maintenance would need to be done over the next several years.In addition to inspecting my strata unit, the inspector also checked various common areas in the building and identified both current and future maintenance items the strata would be responsible for which helps to determine if any special levies would be coming up over the next several years.Overall, I was very happy with the service, and I would highly recommend them.
new couch daynew couch day
02:09 29 May 23
Sherman is great. I needed an inspector on short notice and he made time the next day on Saturday morning. Thorough, detailed, and good customer service!
Sachin BaggaSachin Bagga
01:56 29 May 23
Sherman is very experienced and professional with his job. He takes his time to debrief each and every single thing.
Bonnie LeungBonnie Leung
00:50 21 May 23
Sherman is very detail-oriented. Our condo is just under 800 sqft but he spent 2.5 hours inspecting everything including the interior, exterior, plumbing system, electric, the underground parade, etc... After the inspection, he explained what really stands out and what can be done. Our inspection took place in the afternoon and by late evening he provided us with a 40 pages report with diagrams, recommendations, and the conditions. He went above and beyond by checking the appliances' serial number to make sure there is no issue. I would highly recommend having your place inspected by Sherman.
Zora AltanZora Altan
17:21 03 May 23
we would highly recommend Sherman.Sherman was very thorough in our house inspection.lHe answered all our questions in very professional and friendly manner.many thanks again,Zora and Paolo
Shaad BakhtyarShaad Bakhtyar
04:13 27 Mar 23
Sherman brings valuable experience when it comes to inspection of a commodity that’s a lifetime investment for my clients. I’m more than glad to refer my clients to Sherman in getting their property inspection done! Highly recommended!
04:46 30 Jan 23
Having experienced other home inspectors before, I thought that Sherman did an excellent job in comparison.He was thorough and professional, taking the time to carefully explain about all his findings so that even me -a layperson- could understand clearly what condition the building was in. His report was detailed, and delivered promptly. I won't hesitate to hire Sherman again.
Sunny SareonSunny Sareon
05:28 01 Dec 22
Sherman was oustanding! Truly went above and beyond for my home inspection. Professional, thorough, and very knowledgeable.
Adil SharmaAdil Sharma
06:20 04 Sep 22
The Best.Very flexible and does proper inspection.Does not hurry in workTakes his time and does his JoB
Arnold KwanArnold Kwan
06:22 01 Sep 22
Professional and responsive inspector!
Carmen ManCarmen Man
04:25 01 Sep 22
Very professional and thorough. Goes the extra mile to answer questions and concerns.
Roy LiRoy Li
21:21 03 Aug 22
Sherman is awesome. He is professional and provide informative details as home owner. Highly recommend!
Eddy ShanEddy Shan
18:01 23 Jul 22
Sherman is punctual, knowledgeable and most importantly, very detail oriented. I would def recommend him.

Thermal Imaging: See the Difference

Included with every inspection.

Thermal imaging gives our inspectors visibility into issues difficult to see with the naked eye:

    • Water intrusion from roof damage, plumbing leaks, damaged window seals, condensation, etc.

    • Overheating electrical breakers and wiring

    • Missing insulation in ceilings and walls

    • Damaged in-floor radiant water lines

    • Disconnected AC and heating air ducts

    • And more!

Thermal imaging is a safe, non-destructive diagnostic tool!

Why Choose A Home Inspection?

Buying a home is a major financial decision

Homes may look appealing at an Open House - but major issues may not be apparent, and can become serious and expensive safety concerns after taking possession

Put our expertise to work for you!

  • Save Money

According to a survey of recent home buyers, a typical home inspection uncovers an average of $14,000 worth of repairs! (themortgagereports.com), a substantial amount compared to the nominal fee of a home inspection. Our home inspections provide a valuable return on investment!

  • Unlicensed and Un-permitted Renovations:

Over 29% of Canadian homeowners have renovated their home for aesthetic, recreation or “lifestyle” reasons, while another 16% did so to improve the market value of their home, according to a recent RE/MAX Canada report.  Homebuyers should always consider if these alterations were completed without municipal building permits and safety inspections.  We take the time to identify modifications to electrical, plumbing and structural components, as they can all become serious safety, home insurance and by-law issues down the road. 

  • Hidden Damage & Poor Maintenance

Resale homes can suffer from poor upkeep. Leaks from worn-out roofs and damaged plumbing lead to expensive water damage and mold buildup. Foundation and structural damage are often difficult to detect without going through attics and crawlspaces.

  • Old Homes & Hazardous Building Materials

While older, vintage homes have their charm and architectural appeal, common building practices and building materials from that era such as asbestos, aluminum electrical wiring and cast iron pipes phased out due to safety and reliability concerns may still exist in these homes today. Accurately identifying these building materials, along with mold growth, and pests, are the first step in keeping you and your family safe and happy.

  • Flood Risks

Multiple flood risks and the resulting damages that they cause have lead to a dramatic increase in insurance claims and property repair costs. In fact, the average basement flood event in Canada costs $43,000 to repair (according to Intact Insurance – Centre for Climate Adaptation). Increased frequency of flood events driven by climate change, plumbing damage & sewage backup, or simply poor maintenance of flood and water proofing systems, have further exacerbated reconstruction costs due to inflation and supply chain disruptions. Identifying these risks before they pose a hazard to your new home is key to preventing lost money, lost time, and disruption to your life.


Let us help simplify this important part of the homebuying process. Our mission is to look for these problems, so you can make an informed decision.

Licensed to a Higher Standard

All Home Inspectors operating in BC must be licensed with Consumer Protection BC.

Our quality inspections are completed in accordance to the Home Inspectors Association BC – Scope of Inspection (https://hiabc.ca/about-us/scope-of-inspection/)

Spectra Home Inspection Inc is fully licensed with CPBC, and is a member of the Home Inspectors Association BC, a professional association of inspectors delivering high value services and protecting the end consumer by setting a much higher bar for inspections, oversight, continuing education and ethics than required by Provincial regulations.

We are on your side, protecting the consumer.


What Systems Are Inspected


Power for Everyday Life

  • Breaker Panels & Subpanels
  • Outlets (Standard and GFCI)
  • Lighting Fixtures and Switches
  • Smoke & CO Detectors
  • Visible Service and Distribution Wiring

Electricity powers our modern lives, from televisions, computers, heaters, stoves, hot-tubs, and even electric vehicle chargers.

All too common, dangerous modifications and additions ranging from DIY installed subpanels and outlets, to non-standard wiring splices and terminations, can cause dangerous electrical hazards and start fires. Older properties often see a mix of old & obsolete wiring, components subject to safety recalls, and overlooked charring and overheating!


Water, Water, Everywhere

  • Main Water Supply & Distribution
  • Hot Water Tanks & Water Heaters
  • Drain Waste & Vent
  • Faucets & Fixtures
  • Showers, Bathtubs & Toilets

The goal of any modern plumbing systems is to deliver clean hot & cold water to the various fixtures around the house, and drain it out quickly and safely.

Leaks resulting from poorly installed fixtures, and defective, obsolete, damaged or recalled water pipes can cause serious water damage and costly repairs to homes.


Climate control for a comfortable home

  • Furnaces & Boilers
  • Electric Baseboard Heaters
  • Fireplaces
  • Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV’s)
  • Visible Ventilation Ducts and Exhaust Flues

Maintaining adequate heating is essential for ensuring a comfortable environment.

Furnaces and boilers require regular servicing and can be time consuming and expensive to fix should problems occur and impact efficiency. Electric baseboard heaters can also pose a fire hazard if inappropriately installed.


All good things start with a strong foundation

  • Crawlspaces & Basements
  • Evidence of foundation cracks and settlement
  • Signs of Visible Water Infiltration

They say all good things are built on a strong foundation, and your home is no different. Foundations provide the necessary footings on which the rest of the home is built, taking the cumulative weight of the building and seating it properly on the ground.

Damage due to ground movement undermines a foundation’s integrity, allows for water infiltration which affects the rest of the structure, and can be difficult, time consuming and costly to repair.


Protection from the Elements

  • Roof Shingles & Covering Materials
  • Flashings, Soffits and Facias
  • Eavestroughs and Downspouts
  • Skylights, Chimneys and Vents

Aside from being the major architectural component of a home, a good roof is the first line of defense from the elements, protecting the rest of the building below from rain, snow and hail. Many major structural and mechanical components are also contained in the attic space.

By assessing both the exterior of the roof and interior attic space, our inspectors look for signs of structural damage and modifications, water leaks, insulation deficiencies, fire risks, signs of pests, and assess installed mechanical equipment.

Structure, Building Envelope and Exterior

  • Visible Roof Trusses and Rafters
  • Visible Wall, Ceiling and Floor Framing
  • Decks, Patios and Balconies
  • Walkways, Driveways, and Lot Grading

Proper framing provides the “skeleton” on which floors, walls and ceilings are built on. It serves as the base for exterior wall cladding and a surface for roof shingles.

All too often however, homeowner modification or non-permitted renovations modify the original framing of a home, presenting safety risks, insurance issues and become expensive to repair.

By accessing areas such as basements, crawlspaces, attics, and other unfinished spaces, our inspectors gain valuable insight into the home’s framing.


The spaces that we call home

  • Flooring, Ceilings, and Walls
  • Doors & Windows, and Frames
  • Stairways and Handrails
  • Cabinets and Countertops
  • Major Appliances – Refrigerator, Ovens, Dishwashers, Washer/Dryer
  • Indications of pests

The walls, ceilings, floors and finishes make up the inside of our homes –  and if they can talk, they will tell a story. Thankfully our inspectors listen, figuratively that is.

Our inspectors look for issues ranging from ceiling stains indicating leaks, mould & mildew pointing to humidity and ventilation issues, signs of water ingress in shower stalls, window frames and door frames, structural issues indicated in the walls & flooring, and more.

We also assess the major appliances installed in the home, and cross-check their serial numbers via RecallChek to determine whether manufacturer recalls exist for the appliance.


Home heating and cooling efficiency

  • Attic Insulation condition and amount
  • Crawlspace and Basement Insulation
  • Ventilation systems and ducting

The importance of insulation cannot be understated in home energy efficiency. Proper insulation helps homes retain heat during the colder seasons, and also keeps the home cool in the summer by adding to the efficiency of air conditioners and heat pumps.

Loose blown-in insulation especially in attics can be easily disturbed. Mold and moisture damage to insulation can affect its performance and cause water damage, and become a health hazard. Older buildings often lack adequate insulation or insulation containing hazardous content such as asbestos, and basement and crawlspaces with gaps in insulating materials can create considerable comfort issues in the home above.

We access crawlspaces, basements and attics when possible to find these issues.

Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

Keeping things cold and warm

  • Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
  • Ductwork and Coolant Lines
  • Air Handlers

Once a product of higher-end and luxury homes, air conditioners and heat pumps are becoming ever popular. Whether to keep cool in the summer, or warm in the winter, these appliances are an efficient way to maintain a comfortable environment in the home.

We perform a functional test of the AC / Heat Pump system and a visual inspection for deficiencies of the system and components.

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